Jun 28, 2021

IN MAY,We have completed the second round of fund raising , and the specific deal information will be announced at an appropriate time in the future. At the same time, we achieve cooperation with Klata, Aurora and other projects.

IN JUNE, we accomplished the following things:

1. The UPDATE OF V2 VERSION, the significance of V2 to Sphinx, we have mentioned in the previous article, for specific information, please refer to: https://sphinxprotocol.medium.com/sphinx-v2-and-future-prospects-c2688f756485

2. A COMPREHENSIVE UPDATE OF THE WEBSITE, including a brand-new Logo, a brand-new UI, and a brand-new experience for each users

3. A new round of CONTRACT AUDIT is being completed

4. NFT PRICE PREDICTION function will be launched soon





SphinxUP is a catalyst for NFT trading, anyone using SphinxUP will be more efficient in discovering the value of NFT and completing NFT trades